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MPTN Land Use Commission


The Land Use Law (14 M.P.T.L.), streamlines regulatory permitting within Mashantucket, creating an omnibus permitting group consisting of nine Commissioners representing the following program disciplines.

Building Code Enforcement

Planning & Zoning

Natural Resources Protection

Fire Marshal

Historic Preservation

Tribal Member Community


Food Safety & Sanitation

Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise

Title 1 of the Land Use Regulations (1 L.U.R.) outlines the procedures the Land Use Commission follows when carrying out its duties and responsibilities.


Contact Commission Administration for questions and correspondence.

Contact information for each Commissioner is provided within the applicable Design Criteria category.

DISCLAIMER: Commission Administration maintains information on this web site to enhance public access to the MPTN Land Use Permitting Requirements. This service is continually under development and while the Administrator attempts to maintain timely and accurate information on the site, there are no guarantees. For additional assistance or questions, please contact the Commission Administration.

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