Inspection Coordination Meeting

  1. Before commencing construction, the owner or authorized agent shall schedule a meeting with the Building Official to discuss inspection requirements and related matters.
    1. All key parties involved in the construction process may be required to attend this meeting.
    2. Failure to schedule a pre-construction meeting before commencing construction may result in the issuance of a civil citation.
  2. Certain types of construction work require Special Inspections in addition to those performed by the Building Official. These Special Inspections may be required to be periodic or continuous as deemed necessary by the Building Official and/or the Design Professional in Responsible Charge.
    1. The owner or authorized agent is required to provide specially qualified independent inspector(s) to complete all required Special Inspections.
      1. The independent special inspector shall be approved by and report directly to the Building Official.
      2. Unless the project is entirely funded by a tribal entity, the owner shall bear all costs associated with required Special Inspections.
    2. If required, the Design Professional in Responsible Charge shall provide a Statement of Special Inspections prior to commencement of any permitted work. Please refer to 2 L.U.R., Ch 3., § 4. for further details regarding Special Inspections.
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